About Electrodev

What is ElectroDev

Electrodev was established in 1992 as an electronics manufacturing facility dedicated to development, design and manufacture of electronic timing, counting, control and monitoring devices. The company expanded and changed from hand soldering to continues flow assembly line with in house flow soldering and automated wire cutting. In 1997 we move to a dedicated, purpose built factory in Johannesburg.

With the increase in quantities and need for fast delivery most of the production was outsourced to an ISO9002 SMD production line. The latest microprocessor and components technology was included into the redesign of the products to fit into the surface mount assembly line, which also increased the quality, accuracy and repeatability of the product to the highest level. This enabled us to concentrate on the in-house testing and pack-aging whereupon we received the CE mark.

Our latest advance is the introduction of a range of DIN-rail mountable modular series in our own housing. After extensive research and development we are proud to present thelatest product line which will enhance any distribution board and give you the latest technology in a new format. For the most up-to-date information go to NEWS.